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Discovering GeeXLab with the Learn Pack

Last update: 2018.08.14 by JeGX

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The Learn Pack is a demo pack focused on all basic functionalities. Demos are simple, coded in Lua, well commented, and all based on OpenGL 2.1 in order to run on most of platforms (Windows, Linux, macOS and Raspberry Pi with OpenGL 2.1 support).

The Learn Pack can be downloaded from the following link:

1 - Demos learn/01-basic/

The simplest GeeXLab demo: how to clear the screen with an uniform color.

- source code @ GitHub

The first demo showing text-based animation. This demo is highly recommended.

- source code @ GitHub

This demo shows how to draw lines.

- source code @ GitHub

The Hello World of graphics programming: the RGB triangle. With this demo, you will have all the knowledge to build Unreal-Engine-4-like rendering ;)

- source code @ GitHub

A demo that shows how to set the position of an object. And how to code time-based animation.

Your first 3D demo. You will learn how to create a 3D camera and how to use a reference grid.

This demo shows to render an image on an object: it's texture mapping.

The first serious 3D demo: a textured cube!

This demo shows how to render an object in wireframe.

This demo shows how to use TTF fonts (True Type Font) to render texts.

This demo shows how to load a 3D model from a file (*.3ds, *.obj, etc.)

This demo shows how to set up the FRAME script to do live-coding. Live-coding is the ability to update the demo source code and to get an immediat feedback in GeeXLab.

2 - Demos learn/02-intermediate/

This demo shows how to use a lighting GPU program (in GLSL).

This demo shows how to use a moer advanced lighting GPU program (in GLSL) to do normal mapping.

This demo shows how to use an environment mapping GPU program.

This demo shows how to use basic mechanical equations to animate the fall of a ball.

This demo shows how to use the webcam (Windows only).

This demo shows how to use the render targets. Render targets allow to render scene into textures and to use those textures for other effects. Every videogames use one or several render targets.

This demo shows how to display particles.

This demo shows how to display a gear mesh and how to use basic gear equations to animate gears. This demo shows how to use ImGui functions to display tool boxes as well.

This demo shows how to use the Bullet Physics engine in a very simple animation. And to make the learning simpler, the demo uses the very cool Hello! framework.

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