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Last update: 2019.04.24

[ French version / Version fran├žaise ]

GeeXLab is packed with many features and possibilities. It's at the same time very simple to use and very powerful. With GeeXLab we can code things, lot of things, in various fields and on various platforms. This small Routard Guide will help you to have a better vision of GeeXLab, to know the right links and above all, it will help you to start GeeXLab programming.

This Routard Guide is currently in Work In Progress mode. For a more detailed and advanced version, please consult the french version of the guide available here: Guide du Rootard GeeXLab.

  1. GeeXLab Overview Diagram

  2. What is GeeXLab and how does it work

  3. GeeXLab and Lua

  4. GeeXLab and Python

  5. How to launch a demo

  6. Features Matrix

  7. GeeXLab and the Raspberry Pi

  8. Discovering GeeXLab with the Learn Pack

  9. Lua Primer for the impatient GeeXLab programmer

  10. Python Primer for the impatient GeeXLab programmer

  11. Tutorials

  12. Misc GeeXLab demos

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