I want to talk about WebGPU
added on 2023/05/24 @ 10:30:44 | 161 views| category: gamedev

WebGPU is the new WebGL. That means it is the new way to draw 3D in web browsers. It is, in my opinion, very good actually. It is so good I think it will also replace Canvas and become the new way to draw 2D in web browsers. In fact it is so good I think it will replace Vulkan as well as normal OpenGL, and become just the standard way to draw, in any kind of software, from any programming language. This is pretty exciting to me. WebGPU is a little bit irritating— but only a little bit, and it is massively less irritating than any of the things it replaces.

If you are not a programmer, this probably doesn't affect you. It might get us closer to a world where you can just play games in your web browser as a normal thing like you used to be able to with Flash. But probably not because WebGL wasn't the only problem there.

If you are a programmer, let me tell you what I think this means for you.

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