Did I make it harder to sell your crappy, used crypto mining graphics card? Good
added on 2022/06/30 @ 19:24:15 | 2371 views| category: hardware

The best time to stop crypto mining was 2009. The second best time is now.

There are two things that are guaranteed to get you hate mail in this business: being a woman online with an opinion, and criticizing crypto.

The piece I wrote earlier this week dissuading readers from buying a used graphics card right now seems to have hit a nerve with many in the crypto community, and it was utterly predictable.

With crypto miners buying up all the best graphics cards to endlessly run ether hashing algorithms, there's been nary a GPU for the many gamers out there, even to the point that Nvidia was forced to implement new software and hardware tricks to try to limit the hash rate of their graphics cards to make more supply available to gamers who were left out in the cold. Even that effort was stymied by crypto miners hell-bent on easy money at the expense of the environment.

So now that the crypto bubble has popped and everyone is scrambling to sell the graphics cards they spent thousands of dollars on in an attempt to break even, some did not take kindly to my suggestion that the best possible outcome is that crypto miners get absolutely soaked.

Again, understandable, but as FDR once said, they are unanimous in their hate for me (according to my DMs and inbox), and I welcome their hatred.

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