US Army deploys its first floating solar array (floatovoltaics)
added on 2022/06/17 @ 17:46:32 | 938 views| category: general-tech

Floating solar had a moment in the spotlight over the weekend when the US Army unveiled a new solar plant sitting atop the Big Muddy Lake at Fort Bragg in North Carolina. It’s the first floating solar array deployed by the Department of Defense, and it’s part of a growing current of support in the US for “floatovoltaics.”

The army says its goal is to boost clean energy, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and give the nearby training facility a source of backup energy during power outages. The panels will be able to generate about one megawatt of electricity, which can typically power about 190 homes.

The US Department of Defense is one of the biggest polluters on the planet, with the US military releasing more greenhouse gas emissions annually than some 140 nations. So the new floating solar plant at Fort Bragg is sorely needed as a source of clean energy.