Modern Python performance considerations
added on 2022/05/09 @ 14:15:37 | 1091 views| category: programming

There is a lot of work going on right now on speeding up Python; Kevin Modzelewski gave a presentation at PyCon 2022 on some of that work. Much of it has implications for Python programmers in terms of how to best take advantage of these optimizations in their code. He gave an overview of some of the projects, the kinds of optimizations being worked on, and provided some benchmarks to give a general idea of how much faster various Python implementations are getting --and which operations are most affected.

Modzelewski works at Anaconda on the Pyston 'optimized Python interpreter'. He wanted to focus on 'modern Python' in the talk; there are lots of tips about how to speed up Python code available, but many of those are 'not quite as useful anymore'. There are some new tips, however, that can be used with these up and coming optimized implementations, which he wanted to talk about.

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