Okhsv and Okhsl : two new color spaces for color picking
added on 2021/09/21 @ 17:05:49 | 337 views| category: programming

Picking colors is a common operation in many applications and over the years color pickers have become fairly standardized. Ubiquitous today are color pickers based on HSL and HSV. They are simple transformations of RGB values to alternative coordinates chosen to better correlate with perceptual qualities.

Despite color picking playing a big role in a lot of applications, the design of color pickers isn’t a particularly well researched topic. While some variation exist in the widgets themselves, the choice of HSL or HSV is mostly taken for granted, with only a few exceptions.

Is their dominance well deserved or would it be possible to create better alternatives? I at least think that this question deserves to be explored and that color picker design should be an active research topic. With this post I hope to contribute to the exploration of what a better color picker could and should be, and hopefully inspire others to do the same!

Interactive color picker demo:

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