Cybercriminals found a new way to hide malware in Radeon and GeForce GPU memory
added on 2021/09/01 @ 16:34:57 | 834 views| category: hacking-security

In a short post on a hacker forum, someone offered to sell the proof-of-concept (PoC) for a technique they say keeps malicious code safe from security solutions scanning the system RAM.

The seller provided only an overview of their method, saying that it uses the GPU memory buffer to store malicious code and to execute it from there.

According to the advertiser, the project works only on Windows systems that support versions 2.0 and above of the OpenCL framework for executing code on various processors, GPUs included.

The post also mentioned that the author tested the code on graphics cards from Intel (UHD 620/630), Radeon (RX 5700), and GeForce (GTX 740M(?), GTX 1650).

tags: #gpu #nvidia #geforce #amd #radeon #opencl #malware