Rayground: ray tracing prototyping on the web
added on 2021/02/23 @ 16:20:39 | 702 views| category: programming

Rayground is a framework for rapid prototyping of algorithms based on the ray tracing paradigm. Its main goal is to help develop, test and share self contained modules that showcase a particular method or technique.

At the core of Rayground there is a traditional ray tracing image synthesis pipeline, with several programmable stages via event handling shaders. It was designed with the aim to help users gradually understand how a ray tracer works, without getting distracted by the particular implementation of the framework or platform-specific characteristics. Since ray tracing is now tightly integrated into modern real-time rendering APIs, such as Vulkan, DirectX and OptiX, we follow a similar programming model. Rayground’s pipeline has five distinct configurable stages, namely Scene, Generate, Hit, Miss and Post Process.

tags: #raytracing #webgl #programming