Texture Compression on Apple M1
added on 2021/01/20 @ 13:43:49 | 338 views| category: hardware

In a previous post I did a survey of various GPU format compression libraries. I just got an Apple M1 MacMini to help port some of these compression libraries to it, and of course decided to see some performance numbers. As everyone already noticed, M1 CPU is quite impressive. I’m comparing three setups here:

- MacBookPro (2019 16”, 8 cores / 16 threads). This is basically the “top” MacBook Pro you can get in 2020, with 9th generation Coffee Lake Core i9 9980HK CPU. It starts at $3000 for this CPU.
- MacMini (M1, 4 perf + 4 efficiency cores). It starts at $700 for this CPU (but realistically you’d want maybe a $1300 model for more decent RAM/SSD sizes).
- The same MacMini, but testing Intel/x64 builds of the compressors under Rosetta 2 translator.

tags: #apple #mac mini #m1