Degoogling my life
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Privacy is a human right, when so much of our life is lived online. In my opinion, the two most evil companies on the planet with a blatant disregard for privacy because it is so fundamental to their business model are: Facebook (and by extension, WhatsApp and Instagram) and Google. A common argument against the need for privacy that I have definitely heard in my family is “but I have nothing to hide”. Well, neither do I and yet so does everyone. Does anyone really appreciate searching on Google for a vacuum cleaner and then seeing photos of vacuum cleaners follow them around all over the web for months afterwards? But I digress: I made a conscious decision to gradually rid myself of Google (Facebook was easier: just delete the app) to the extent possible.

I spent quite some time researching alternatives to each of Google services, and the list below tabulates what I have settled on. Importantly, I have reached the conclusion that viable (and often superior) alternatives exist. Nothing in life is free: one can pay with one’s privacy or with cash. It is no surprise this that most of these below are paid services...

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