Making of Moana (Shadertoy demo)
added on 2020/12/09 @ 17:29:17 | 1784 views| category: digital-art

I always loved the water rendering in Moana so I set out to make a ShaderToy that would recreate some semblance of it in ShaderToy. It took a whole bunch of tricks to get it where I wanted, this post will break down some of the major ones.

I’ll first give a brief intro to the physics behind some key elements of water: absorption, refraction, and reflection. I’ll go into the distinction between ray marching and ray tracing. Both were necessary to get the whole effect but there’s some key performance and visual differences.

The second half will go over some of the secondary environment effects including the sand and the sky and a couple of tricks to add believability while staying real-time-ish.

tags: #shadertoy #programming