Windows 10 now hides the SYSTEM control panel, how to access it
added on 2020/10/27 @ 18:54:59 | 1932 views| category: general-tech

With the release of Windows 10 20H2, Microsoft is now preventing access to the venerable SYSTEM control panel and is instead redirecting users to the newly updated 'About' settings page.

The SYSTEM control panel was first introduced in Windows NT 3.51 and Windows 95 and provides information about the installed version of Windows, the bit-type of the operating system, the computer name, workgroup, CPU, and memory.

How to access SYSTEM in Windows 10 20H2:
create a shortcut with:
explorer shell:::{BB06C0E4-D293-4f75-8A90-CB05B6477EEE}

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