AI-Powered Video Conferencing with NVIDIA Maxine
added on 2020/10/06 @ 11:04:28 | 787 views| category: general-tech

See the cloud-native #NVIDIAMaxine platform - new AI breakthroughs for personalized, engaging and productive video meetings. Service providers can reduce bandwidth usage to one-tenth of H.264 while users get improved eye contact, super resolution, noise removal, virtual backgrounds, closed captioning and more.

NVIDIA Maxine is a fully accelerated platform for developers to build and deploy AI-powered features in video conferencing services using state-of-the-art models that run in the cloud. Applications based on Maxine can reduce video bandwidth usage down to one-tenth of H.264 using AI video compression, dramatically reducing costs.

Maxine includes latest innovations from NVIDIA research such as face alignment, gaze correction, face re-lighting and real time translation in addition to capabilities such as super-resolution, noise removal, closed captioning and virtual assistants. These capabilities are fully accelerated on NVIDIA GPUs to run in real time video streaming applications in the cloud.

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