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- GeeXLab PRO Pack -

The PRO version of GeeXLab is a good choice if you are in one (or more) of the the following situations:
If you are not concerned by the previous situations, GeeXLab FREE is enough. GeeXLab FREE has all features of GeeXLab PRO except the binary scene file. GeeXLab FREE can be use in a private or commercial context. GeeXLab PRO can be seen as the deluxe version of GeeXLab FREE.

GeeXLab PRO comes with a flat and lifetime license: you pay the product once (no royalties, no hidden fees) and you can use it forever. All future updates of GeeXLab PRO are free. Just go to the private download zone and grab your version of GeeXLab.

The SGX SDK (GeeXLab PRO Plus) is a simple C/C++ library (header + lib + dll) that makes it possible to load a GeeXLab scene into your application. GPU Caps Viewer is an example of application that embeds the SGX SDK. SGX loads a GeeXLab demo (XML+Lua+Python+GLSL+binary) and outputs the result on any window (on Windows, on any HWND). The full GeeXLab SDK (the one used to build... GeeXLab) will be eventually available in the future.

For any question, do not hesitate to contact the marketing team (JeGX!) at: geexlab AT

You can purchase a license via a bank transfer or via PayPal. To purchase with a bank transfer, just send an email at geexlab AT and add [GeeXLab PRO Pack] to the email subject. I will send you the bank account information (IBAN).

GeeXLab PRO Pack
  • private download zone.
  • access to latest (not yet released) developement versions of GeeXLab.
  • access to GeeXLab PRO.
  • usage in commercial organizations or with commercial purposes.
  • access to unpublished products (demos, apps) + source codes.
  • email support (but don't abuse!) in french / english.
  • Discord support (server in french and server in english).
  • lifetime flat license: pay once, enjoy for ever, no royalties.
  • *** PayPal payment temporarily disabled ***

GeeXLab PRO PLus Pack
  • all features of the GeeXLab PRO pack
  • access to SGX (Simplified GeeXLab SDK in C/C++).
  • price: not yet available.

Some demos available in the GeeXLab PRO pack: