The classic tetris game revisited


Tetris is a free puzzle game where the player must complete lines by moving seven differently shaped pieces (called tetriminos) which descend onto the playing field. Once a line is completed, it disappers and the player wins points. The game ends when the playing field is filled. The longer the player can delay this inevitable outcome, the higher their score will be.

Tetris is a game made with GeeXLab and coded in Lua.


  • LEFT/RIGHT arrow keys: shift
  • UP/DOWN arrow keys: quarter turn
  • ENTER key: drop a tetrimino
  • CTRL key: jump
  • SPACE key: pause / resume
  • ESC key: back or quit
  • F1: hold a tetrimino
  • F2: release a tetrimino
  • F3: show / hide grid
  • F4: toggle 2D/3D view


Tetris v0.1.0.0
Windows 64-bit zip/portable)
file size: 18.6MB

Version History

Version - 2020.06.05 - first public version.
Tetris the game

Tetris the game