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Started by JeGX, May 04, 2018, 04:27:13 PM

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GeeXLab has been released for all platforms.


Release notes:

Version - 2018.05.03
! improved monitoring mode, a mode where GeeXLab does not eat CPU and GPU cycles
  if not necessary. Monitoring mode is available on all platforms.
+ [WINDOWS] GeeXLab keeps its size on high DPI systems (no longer blurry effect).
+ [WINDOWS/LINUX] added gl_forward_compatible element in the XML window node.
! updated gh_imgui lib with latest version 1.61 WIP.
+ added mouse wheel support in ImGui functions (gh_imgui.frame_begin_v2()).
+ added frame_begin_v2(), set_next_window_content_size(), collapsing_header(),
  text_unformatted_v1(), text_unformatted_v2(), column_get_width(), column_set_width(),
  column_get_offset(), column_set_offset(), get_font_size(), calc_text_size(),
  begin_child(), end_child(), popup_open(), popup_begin(), popup_begin_context_item(),
  popup_end(), selectable() and button_arrow() to gh_imgui lib (lua, python).
+ added get_gpu_config() to gh_gml lib (lua, python).
+ added plotline_draw_v2() to gh_imgui lib (lua, python).
+ added vk_instance_get_num_layers(), vk_instance_get_layer_name(),
  vk_gpu_get_num_layers(), vk_gpu_get_layer_name(),
  vk_gpu_get_num_memory_heaps(), vk_gpu_get_heap_size() and vk_gpu_get_device_type()
  to gh_renderer (lua, python).
* Vulkan plugin: fixed a crash on Radeon GPUs by disabling the call to
  vkGetPhysicalDeviceProperties2() with Adrenalin 18.3.4.
* Vulkan plugin: fixed a bug in the enumeration of device extensions.
+ [RPI / TINKER BOARD] added LuaJIT support.
+ [LINUX] added glx_get_server_num_extensions(), glx_get_server_extension(),
  glx_get_client_num_extensions(), glx_get_client_extension(), glx_get_renderer_info_int(),
  glx_get_renderer_info_str() to gh_renderer (lua, python).

Full changelog:


DOWNLOADS  |  Full changelog  |  Reference Guide

I just uploaded GeeXLab for Windows and Linux platforms. This new version fixes several bugs in the Vulkan plugin including one rather annoying: the Vulkan plugin was not loaded for a Vulkan demo  :(

I added some missing functions to the gh_sqlite3 library like db_get_column_name().

And did you notice the new newsletter section on GeeXLab website ?

The changelog:
Version - 2018.05.11
+ added vk_get_feature_state(), vk_gpu_get_limit_ui32(), vk_gpu_get_limit_f32(),
  vk_gpu_get_limit_4ui32() and vk_gpu_get_limit_4f32() to gh_renderer lib (lua, python).
* Vulkan plugin: fixed swapchain resizing  + other minor bugs.
* [WINDOWS / LINUX] bugfix: the Vulkan plugin was not loaded for a Vulkan demo.
+ added get_face_normal() to gh_mesh lib (lua, python).
+ SQLite3 plugin: added db_open_v2(), db_enable_extended_result_codes(), db_get_extended_errcode(),
  db_get_errcode(), db_get_last_insert_rowid(), db_get_column_name()
  and db_column_get_text() to gh_sqlite3 lib (lua, python).


DOWNLOADS  |  Full changelog  |  Reference Guide | Newsletter

GeeXLab has been released for Windows and Linux platforms. This new version improves the error management for Lua and Python. The log file has been simplified and cleaned. The SQLite3 engine is now embedded in GeeXLab core and the  SQLite3 plugin (plugin_gxc_sqlite3_xxx.yyy) has been removed.

The changelog:
Version - 2018.05.14
! improved gh_imgui.window_begin() robusteness when
  window name is null (nil in Lua or None in Python).
! moved the SQLite3 engine in GeeXLab core libraries. The 
  plugin_gxc_sqlite3 is no longer required to use
  gh_sqlite3 functions.

Version - 2018.05.13
+ added create_scene_v2() and actor_enable_ccd() to gh_physx3 lib (lua, python).
! updated: the log file is now cleared at each demo loading when you keep
  GeeXLab opened between each demo.
* fixed a minor bug in the scripting error management (in cases of runtime errors,
  GeeXLab returned to OS even with the previous bugfix).

Version - 2018.05.13
! simplified the error management during initialization of a demo:
  a red screen is displayed (error traces are still in log files).
+ added new trace header type (2) and new command line option
  for that: /traces_header_type=x. Type 2 is now the default header type.
* [WINDOWS] fixed a minor bug in the window management in multithreading mode
  when a scripting error is detected. GeeXLab no longer exits to Windows.