SQLite3: How to Create a Simple SQL Database with GeeXLab + Lua

Started by JeGX, March 26, 2018, 04:10:39 PM

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The support of the SQLite3 has been added in GeeXLab 0.22+. The SQLite3 database engine is embedded in the plugin_gxc_sqlite3_{x32|x64}.{dll|so|dylib} plugin. The SQLite3 scripting API is available using the gh_sqlite3 library (Lua and Python). At the time of writing, the SQLite3 plugin is only available for GeeXLab win64 (plugin_gxc_sqlite3_x64.dll). The plugin will be available for all platforms later.

Let's see how to use these new functions in Lua to create a very simple database. This database is stored in a file (database01.db) and has a single table (users) with two columns (name and age). We will use SQL queries to send commands to the database engine.

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