File: GPU Tweak III


ADDED ON: 2022-09-02

PLATFORM: windows 64-bit

DESCRIPTION: ASUS GPU Tweak III: one-click Overclocking Utility for NVIDIA GeForce and AMD Radeon graphics cards. GPU Tweak enables complete control over 3D graphics performance and monitoring. New features and UI designs from our enthusiastic community are continually added through frequent updates. The result is an extremely intuitive and capable utility.

v1.5.3.1 highlights:
With this latest version, GPU Tweak III is now fully compatible with the Java version of Minecraft. It also arrives with a commonly requested fix for external fan curve controls, plus improvements to the behavior of OC Scan and a few tweaks for the display of system information.

1. Fixed bug: External fan curve screen displays abnormally and cannot be controlled.
2. Fixed bug: During the installation process, GPU Tweak 3 sometimes repeatedly prompts the user that GPUTweakIII.exe is not closed.
3. Updated GPU-Z.dll to the latest version.
4. The OSD now supports Minecraft (Java version).
5. Fixed bug: After disabling the Show Monitor on program startup setting and saving, the Monitor is not displayed, but the Monitor icon in the column on the left still indicates an open state.
6. Fixed bug: When the length of the log file is too short, the value will be displayed outside the window when hovering over it with the mouse cursor.
7. Fixed bug: Memory clock is set to default after performing an OC Scan.
8. Fixed bug: Sometimes the OC Scan button cannot be clicked.
9. Fixed bug: Display Refresh Rate is not shown for some Nvidia cards.
10. Fixed bug: Sometimes clicking the OSD button causes a crash.
11. Fixed bug: ProfilingEngineEXE.exe error occurs when the program starts.

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GPU Tweak III screenshot

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