File: ThrottleStop

Version: 9.5.0

ADDED ON: 2022-10-06

PLATFORM: windows 32-bit

DESCRIPTION: Tiny application designed to tweak CPU throttling on Windows (desktops and notebooks).

v9.5.0 changelog:

- Alder Lake desktop and mobile support added.
- Improved performance when using Windows Defender Real-time Protection.
- Replaced the Disable and Lock Turbo Power Limits box with the MMIO Lock box.
- Added the ability to sync the MSR and MMIO power limits.
- Improved SpeedStep and Speed Shift compatibility with Windows.
- Updated FIVR and TPL window themes and added support for bigger logos up to 240x138 recommended.
- Combined Turbo Limits and Turbo Groups into the FIVR window.
- Added feature for K series CPUs to increase voltage at 800 MHz for improved stability when undervolting.
- Reduced the chance of a BSOD loop if voltage is set too low.
- Added automatic enabling of the PowerCut feature when resuming from sleep.
- Disabled Run Program After Profile Change feature for improved security.
- Retired Core 2 Duo automatic Dual IDA mode.

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ThrottleStop screenshot