NVIDIA Next-Gen GeForce RTX 50 (Blackwell GB2xx) News

NVIDIA GeForce RTX 50 series Blackwell

This post tries to gather all news, leaks and rumors about the upcoming NVIDIA GeForce RTX 50 series based on the Blackwell architecture.


2023.09.19 – GeForce RTX 5090 vs RTX 4090

According to this thread, here are some rumors about the GeForce RTX 5090 (GB202) performance and specifications versus RTX 4090 (AD102-300).

– 50% increase in scale (probably the number of cores): 24567 CUDA cores
– 52% increase in memory bandwidth: 1.5 GB/s
– 78% increase in cache (probably the size of the L2 cache): L2 cache 128MB
– 15% increase in frequency (probably the GPU boost clock speed): boost clock: 2.9GHz
– 1.7x improvement (probably in performance)

With all these improvements, I wonder what will be the increase of the power consumption ?


- videocardz.com

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