GPU Caps Viewer 1.53 Released

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  • GPU Caps Viewer (zip / portable)
  • hash codes:

    - file size : 15932700 bytes
    - MD5       : 1e4f169f70e7899f5cc3886569a2ec9c
    - SHA-1     : 8e1547731aef13fe7ed9ce36fe1a907d8715035c
    - SHA-256   : 215771dd9ec617483d332419d0866e82392f099c8b46d89217127e5121416ae3
  • GPU Caps Viewer (setup)
  • GPU_Caps_Viewer_Setup_v1.53.0.0.exe hash codes:

    - file size : 12480608 bytes
    - MD5       : 69ddc5853f9b643f32b4415f4524a646
    - SHA-1     : d833006e5f9e9174d1a2b883c53b16769db42929
    - SHA-256   : 30229c8e57d8e03aa1844acaf7390cde48568b339afb28ba3f193740825d3c39

  • Forum thread (EN) for feedbacks or bug-reports

A new version of GPU Caps Viewer is available. GPU Caps Viewer is a graphics card / GPU information and monitoring utility that quickly describes the essential capabilities of your GPU including GPU type, amount of VRAM , OpenGL, Vulkan, OpenCL and CUDA API support level.

Like for GPU Shark 0.24, this version of GPU Caps Viewer comes with a new way to read AMD Radeon hardware sensors based on shared memory. This technique is more efficient and has less CPU overhead compared to previous technique (a function call for each type of sensor).


Version - 2021.10.04
* fixed number of ROPs for AMD RDNA GPUs.
! updated operating system detection for Windows 11 (experimental).
! updated: GPU Shark
! updated: GeeXLab libs version 0.44.0.
! updated: ZoomGPU 1.32.2 (GPU monitoring library).

GPU Caps Viewer 1.53 - Radeon RX 6800 XT

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