GPU Caps Viewer 1.52 Released

GPU Caps Viewer


  • GPU Caps Viewer (zip / portable)
  • hash codes:
    – file size : 15897882 bytes
    – MD5 : 79cd807223d59e169c8fd803dd32d9c0
    – SHA1 : 9aa1f252312ce9cbbe87274ffc1a3155ae0642fc
    – SHA256 : 78f104b1e4012a43437fb1871a0f8ba73059d0a14d4c64fc4c07a723ad325c7d

  • GPU Caps Viewer (setup)
  • GPU_Caps_Viewer_Setup_v1.52.0.0.exe hash codes:
    – file size : 12461165 bytes
    – MD5 : 5995c97fa04f309ffd55e8f53f4ca66a
    – SHA1 : 6a84de12acbea51db08ce04014fd016f498d39fb
    – SHA256 : 6b5bcee65d1df82c586c4b8e3e81004be0477e78518030e9f141f622fe9832b9

  • Forum thread (EN) for feedbacks or bug-reports

A new version of GPU Caps Viewer is available. GPU Caps Viewer is a graphics card / GPU information and monitoring utility that quickly describes the essential capabilities of your GPU including GPU type, amount of VRAM , OpenGL, Vulkan, OpenCL and CUDA API support level.


Version - 2021.08.09
+ added support of AMD Radeon RX 6700M, RX 6800M, RX 6600 XT and RX 6600.
+ added support of NVIDIA CMP 70HX, 90HX and RTX A2000.
* fixed support of NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080 Ti and RTX 3070 Ti.
! updated: GPU Shark
! updated: GeeXLab libs version 0.43.0.
! updated with NVAPI R470.
! updated: ZoomGPU 1.31.0 (GPU monitoring library).

GPU Caps Viewer 1.52.0 - GeForce RTX 2070

12 thoughts on “GPU Caps Viewer 1.52 Released”

  1. Keiji Toyoda

    [ Problems ]
    1.“no Vulkan support” is shown at vulkan position of GPU item.
    2.Nothing appears at vulkan position of Vulkan item.
    3.”This demo requires a Vulkan API support” appears when Start demo button of 3D Demos item is depressed.
    Any help is welcome. Thank you in advance.

  2. Kaddy

    I use this tool on my new OS (Win 11 22000.184) , but I still see the \tool\OS show Win10 64-bit 22000)
    Will you modify you tool to recognize new OS version, thanks,

    1. Keiji Toyoda

      Since I properly use other PC(GTX710), I want to let my new machin(Dell RTX3050).

  3. Keiji Toyoda

    I fixed the problem myself. I disabled the AMD Radeon(TM) Graphics at device manager and made it effective. That’s all for what I did to fix the problems.

  4. Anonymous

    hi JeGX,

    could you please provide a target date for next update to support Win11? thanks.

    1. JeGX Post Author

      The new update is ready. I think I can release it tomorrow (I still have to do a small test on Radeon GPUs before).

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