YAFFplayer 0.5.0 released for Windows and Linux (Updated: 0.5.2)

YAFFplayer video player based on FFmpeg and GeeXLab


A new version of YAFFplayer is ready for Windows 64-bit and Linux 64-bit.

YAFFplayer is a simple video player based on FFmpeg and made with GeeXLab. Thanks to the popular youtube-dl utility, YAFFplayer can easily download video files from many youtube-like websites and even videos from Twitter.

This new update of YAFFplayer adds new keyboard shortcuts (K key and keys from 0 to 9 like Youtube). Additional parameters can be set for youtube-dl (in the settings.lua file) and on Linux, youtube-dl output can be displayed in xterm. The Windows version of YAFFplayer has been updated with the latest FFmpeg 4.3.2 and both Windows and Linux versions have been updated with latest GeeXLab 0.41.4 and youtube-dl 2021.3.3.



Version - 2021.03.29
- updated youtube-dl v2021.3.25.0
- (win64, linux64) updated with GeeXLab

Version - 2021.03.15
- updated youtube-dl v2021.3.14.0
- added new video filter: gray.

Version - 2021.03.09
- added some youtube keyboard shortcuts: K for play/pause
  and 1 .. 9 for moving playback to the respective percentage 10% .. 90%. 
- added additional youtube-dl parameters in app/settings.lua 
  (ytdl_additional_params variable).
- (linux64) added xterm support if available 
  (use_xterm variable in app/settings.lua)
- (win64, linux64) updated youtube-dl v2021.3.3.0
- (win64) updated FFmpeg plufin with latest ffmpeg 4.3.2.
- (win64) updated with GeeXLab