New Mac Pro 2019: the Tower is Back with Powerful Hardware Inside (up to four GPUs, 28C/56T CPU)

New Mac Pro 2019

Apple has unveiled yesterday the new Mac Pro during the WWDC 2019 ( Apple Worldwide Developers Conference). Nice news: the tower is back (even if it looks like a cheese-grater, maybe some Parmigiano-Reggiano will be shipped with the Mac Pro!), a real motherboard with lot of real PCI-Express slots are available and the hardware is rather impressive:

  • up to four GPUs: the new Mac Pro can have two Radeon Pro Vega II Duo (MPX modules). This dual-GPU card has two PCI connectors: the standard PCI-e X16 and a new PCI connector that allows the card to draw up to 475W! Each GPU packs 4096 stream processors (64 compute units) and 32GB of HBM2 graphics memory.

  • Radeon Pro Vega II Duo

  • 28C/56T CPU: the new Mac Pro can be configured with an Intel Xeon W (2.5GHz, 28 cores, 56 threads, Turbo Boost up to 4.4GHz, 66.5MB cache).
  • up to 1.5TB of DDR4 ECC system memory: the new Mac Pro can handle up to 12 128GB DIMMs.
  • up to 4TB SSDs (up to 2.6GB/s sequential read and 2.7GB/s sequential write performance).
  • two 10Gb ethernet ports
  • 1.4 KW PSU
  • Afterburner: a custom hardware dedicated to accelerate video processing.

The new Mac Pro can be configured in various ways:

  • graphics: one Radeon Pro 580X (1 GPU, 2304 stream processors), one or two Radeon Pro Vega II (1 or 2 GPUs, 4096 stream processors per GPU) and one or two Radeon Pro Vega II Duo (2 or 4 GPUs, 4096 stream processors per GPU).
  • CPU: 8C/16T or 12C/24T or 16C/32T or 24C/48T or 28C/52T, all configurations being based on an Intel Xeon W processor.
  • system memory: 32GB or 48GB or 96GB or 192GB or 384GB or 768GB or 1.5TB DDR4.

The new Mac Pro should be available in the autumn (no date) and prices will start from USD $5’999 (official price for a 8-core CPU + Radeon Pro 580X + 32GB RAM) up to $45’000 according this source.

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