NVIDIA R388.13 WHQL Graphics Drivers (OpenGL 4.6 + Vulkan 1.0.56)


NVIDIA has published a new set of WHQL graphics drivers for all GeForce-based graphics cards. R388.13 adds support and optimizations for Call of Duty: WWII, Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus, and Need for Speed Payback

R388.13 fixes the following issues:

– there is no display on the second monitor.
– yellow bang appears by the graphics entry in Device Manager.
– [Notebook][MS Hybrid][HDR]: On Hybrid systems where the discrete GPU drives the
primary display, there is momentary corruption before a streaming game goes into
full-screen mode.

R388.13 Desktop Downloads

R388.00 Notebook Downloads

GPU Caps Viewer + R388.13 + GeForce GTX 1080

R388.13 exposes the same OpenGL and Vulkan features than previous R387.92:
OpenGL 4.6 with 405 OpenGL extensions and 10 OpenGL SPIR-V extensions
Vulkan API 1.0.56

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