Discovering the Raspberry Pi Sense HAT

The Raspberry Pi Sense HAT is a really cool piece of hardware: it’s an all-in-one board that comes with several sensors and even a LED matrix. Let’s discover it.

1 – Meet the Sense HAT

According to the homepage, the Sense HAT is an add-on board for Raspberry Pi, designed and developed for the Astro Pi mission.

The Sense HAT comes with the following sensors:

  • accelerometer
  • gyroscope
  • magnetometer
  • air pressure
  • temperature
  • humidity

The Sense HAT also includes a cool 8×8 RGB LED matrix… I can’t wait to test the demos I coded for 32×32 RGB LED matrix on that 64-LED display 😉

And last gadget we can find on the Sense HAT: a joystick !!!

And nice thing, all these sensors, LED matrix and joystick can be programmed with a simple Python library.

To use the Sense HAT, just connect it to the GPIO connector of the Raspberry Pi.

I love this card!

2 – The photo gallery

The Sense HAT bundle is really simple: the Sense HAT board and few screws for proper mounting on the Raspberry Pi.

Raspberry Pi Sense HAT
Raspberry Pi Sense HAT

The board. The joystick is visible on the bottom-right corner:

Raspberry Pi Sense HAT
Raspberry Pi Sense HAT
Raspberry Pi Sense HAT

The board mounted on the Raspberry Pi. No external power supply is required. Just plug the Sense HAT on the Raspberry Pi and start using it.

Raspberry Pi Sense HAT

In a next article we will look at the programming side of the Sense HAT with a simple weather station…