NVIDIA R376.09 WHQL GeForce Graphics Driver Released


NVIDIA has released a new set of graphics drivers for all available GeForce graphics cards. R376.09 brings optimizations and support for Watch Dogs 2.

R376.09 Desktop Downloads

R376.09 Notebook Downloads

GPU Caps Viewer + GTX 1060 + R376.09
GPU Caps Viewer + GTX 1060 + R376.09

R376.09 provide the same Vulkan API support than R375.63: Vulkan API 1.0.24. But NVIDIA has added one extension to all capable Vulkan devices:

  • VK_NVX_device_generated_commands

In the OpenGL side, R376.09 supports OpenGL 4.5 and exposes the same number of extensions (391) that previous R375.95.