MSI VR One: a Pascal-based Gaming PC for VR in a Backpack

MSI VR One - a gaming PC in a backpack

MSI VR One is a gaming PC designed for virtual reality and optimized for the HTC VIVE. The goal of the VR One is to remove the main limitation of current VR systems: you have to stay close to the PC. Thanks to the VR One, you can play VR games without thinking to the cables. The VR one is not a notebook, it’s a real PC.

Update (2016.09.14)
The VR One comes with an high-end Intel Core i7 processor and NVIDIA extreme level GTX 1070 graphics card.

MSI VR One homepage is available HERE.

MSI VR One is the world’s lightest and thinnest backpack PC system. It is sure to have massive impacts on the global VR market by removing the current VR experience limitations of having to stay close to the PC and the monitor due to cables connected. MSI VR One weighs merely 3.6kg. It comes with 2 battery packs and is able to deliver 1.5 hours full speed gameplay. Powered by overclocked CPU and GeForce ® GTX 10 series graphics card, MSI VR One is able to deliver full throttle gaming performance under noise of 40dBA.

Under 3.6kg / 1.5+ hours VR gaming / Non-stop hot swap battery capability

The rest similar products simply can’t compare with MSI VR One in terms of its futuristic look, the chassis’s material quality, the lightweight of 3.6kg, the longevity of its battery life and the non-stop hot swap design. On top of just making the MSI VR One looking good, MSI has paid a great amount of efforts on the ID, the cooling and the interior hardware designs to make sure the highest performance and the best user VR experience of this masterpiece.

MSI VR One is deisgned with an armer pack, a futuristic robot machine style, with 2 battey packs on the bottom right and left of the backpack. Once removing the 2 batteries aside, MSI VR One is merely 2.2 kg in weight. As a stand alone PC system, MSI VR One is even lighter than some performance gaming notebooks. The design is more compact and the performance is even better than any other similar products. Moreover, it is more convenient thanks to the the longevity of its battery life and the non-stop hot swap design. You may play hours of VR games non-stop. For B to B business or VR developpers, the portability and the mobility of MSI VR One is the best solution both for the limitedless VR environment possibilities and the VR content demonstration all around the world.

The Optimized Interface for all VR Gears and Incredibly Silent Cooling system

VR One is fully HTC VIVE Optimized. It comes with 1x HDMI port, 1 Mini DisplayPort and 1 ultra-speed Thunderbolt3 by Type-C port support highest bandwidth for dual 2K displays per eye. All these ports support smoother VR experience with over 90FPS for any high level VR devices. Moreover, there are 4x USB 3.0 ports for more external devices for some VR set requests.

The secret to keep the VR One cool and silent for long sessions of VR experience relies on the cooling system. The cooling design consists of dual 9cm ultra blade fans and 9 heat pipes. Working together, the cooling system easily keeps the VR One silent under 41dBA. The only sound you will hear, therefore, is from your VR headsets. The silent and powerful VR One allows you to immerse yourself totally in the VR world at night without waking up your pets and parents!

The full press-release can be found HERE.

MSI VR One - a gaming PC in a backpack

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