SIGGRAPH 2016: Vulkan Presentations (Videos), Vulkan Next and Molten VK

Vulkan API

The first version of the Vulkan API has been released few months ago (see HERE) and the Khronos Group is already working on the future of Vulkan: Vulkan Next. Vulkan Next will bring better support of multi-GPU systems, better VR support as well as other improvments.

Vulkan Next

Vulkan is coming to Mac OS with the Molten VK project. Molten VK is an implementation of the Vulkan API based on Apple’s Metal API.

Vulkan on Mac OS: Molten VK
Vulkan on Mac OS: Molten VK

Here are the Vulkan presentations:

– Vulkan and OpenGL/OpenGL ES:

– Vulkan Best Practices Roundtable