VK-Z 0.2.0 Vulkan Capabilities and Extensions Viewer Released for Windows and Linux

VK-Z is a simple command line utility that displays Vulkan capabilities (hardware limits) and extensions of all capable Vulkan devices on the system.

1 – VK-Z 0.2.0 Overview

VK-Z 0.2.0 comes with the support of Linux 64-bit and a new XML report. VK-Z can now display the report either as a text stream (default setting) or as an XML stream (-xml command line option).

To generate an XML report just use:

vkz -a -xml > report.xml

A text report:

vkz -a > report.txt

The -a option allows to display all data including hardware limits. Use vkz -? for all options.

2 – VK-Z 0.2.0 Download

Windows 32/64-bit

Geeks3D downloads

Linux 64-bit

Geeks3D downloads

3 – VK-Z changelog

v0.2.0 – 2016.04.14
+ added Linux 64-bit support.
+ added XML report with option -xml
! Vulkan instance is created with version 1.0.0.
! updated with latest Vulkan 1.0.9 headers.

VK-Z on Linux Mint 17.3 - Vulkan API information