NVIDIA FleX 1.0.0 Released

NVIDIA FleX fluid demo

NVIDIA has published a new update of FleX, a GPU-based particle simulation library designed for real time applications. FleX is available for Windows (32/64-bit), Linux (64-bit) and Android.

You can download FleX 1.0.0 from THIS LINK.

FleX 1.0.0 changelog:

- Added support for reporting collision shape ids, and trigger volume shapes, see flexGetContacts()
- Optimizations to host code performance
- Fix for potential memory leak in SDF object destruction
- Fix for potentially missed collisions during convex shape CCD
- Fix for incorrect bounds computation during flexSetShapes() (if not specified by user)
- Fix for initial shape translations being incorrect when using a transform with flexExtCreateInstance()
- Move flexExt.h header to the /include folder

NVIDIA FleX demo