La Calanque, Heavy Pixel Shader Test

La Calanque is a nice demo and a heavy pixel shader test based on this Shadertoy demo. This test is perfect to benchmark high-end graphics cards.

La Calanque has been ported to GeeXLab, and a ready-to-use and simple benchmark is waiting for you in GeeXLab’s code sample pack (unzip the pack, browse the host_api/GLSL_ShaderToy/ folder and load the la-calanque-1080p-fullscreen.xml file in GeeXLab).

GeeXLab and the code sample pack can be downloaded from THIS PAGE.

Run the demo and read the framerate (FPS). Here are some results in 1920×1080 fullscreen (testbed: Core i5 6600K, ASUS Z170 Pro Gaming, 8GB DDR4 Corsair Vengeance, Win10 64-bit, all hardware with stock clock speeds):

Radeon HD 7970 (Cat 15.1.1) 5 FPS (avg)
Radeon R9 290X (Cat 15.1.1) 10 FPS (avg)
GeForce GTX 970 (R359.06) 15 FPS (avg)

I haven’t tested yet but you should be able to run the demo on Linux and Mac OS X as well.

La calanque, pixel shader test

8 thoughts on “La Calanque, Heavy Pixel Shader Test”

  1. nuninho1980

    Ok. But using “fraps” on Win 10 x64 with GTX 780 Ti Classified at 1080p, I get:
    Frames: 1011 – Time: 63656ms – Avg: 15.882 – Min: 14 – Max: 18

  2. Wen

    With a MSI GTX 970 OC edition, with OC (gpu/mem -> 1467/1900), and almost 150 secs of testing with fraps:

    Frames 2583, time (ms) 146296, min fps 16, max fps 20, average fps 17.656

    So, it’s a good improvement from that GTX 970 of your texting, JeGX. Almost an extra +20% with that OC of my card. R359.06 driver and with a Sandy Bridge i5 system (2500K@4.2GHz), and win 8.1.

    1. nuninho1980

      Ok but we get NO any CPU bottlenecked at default resolution screen (not as 1080p) because GPU usage is 99%.

      I have same CPU but OC at 4.5GHz with Cooler Master 212 EVO (air cooler). 😉

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