How to Enable GodMode in Windows 10

The GodMode of Windows 10 is nothing else than a special folder with a stack of shortcuts (around 260) to tools and utilities. Many of these functions are already known and are available in regular control panel. The GodMode is a hidden feature of Windows 10.

The real name of the GodMode folder is Windows Master Control Panel shortcut

To create the GodMode special folder, just create a new folder where you want and rename it in:


Actually the GodMode prefix is not mandatory, you can also rename it in:


Windows 10 GodMode folder on desktop

Here a preview of the GodMode folder:

Windows 10 GodMode folder tools

With Classic Shell, I already have a quick access to many shortcuts:

Classic Shell for Windows 10 - Control panel

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  1. Jason

    Classic Shell is awesome I love it. Installed on all Windows 10 PC’s. I do hope they create a classic Control Panel as well when Microsoft dumps it for the ugly Settings app.

  2. Ashkan

    You are not as active as you were a few years ago. I remember the time when you posted a lot of graphics news. Everything OK? Just got tired of it?

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