(Demoscene) Revision 2015

Demoscene - Revision 2015


OK hello everyone, I am angel from Calodox special reporter for Geeks3D in the world of the demoscene and I am reporting for the traditional Easter party (Revision 2015). The demoscene event of the year!

Demoscene - Revision 2015

The hall

This year was interesting on many account, we saw the rebirth of the previously dead scene award (but with a new name, which I don’t remember), and the confirmation of a new cathegory the 8k.

Live coding

As last year the Revision also hosted a live shader contest. This year the format seamed better organised and the coders were better prepared.

Demoscene - Revision 2015

contest pictures

The live coding session were 1v1 simple elimination and lasted for about 30 minutes per round.

Demoscene - Revision 2015

live contest

Compo show

The main show was as usual the 4k / 8k / 64k and demo show!

On the 4k front (the hardest of all) we got Prism break by Alcatraz show us their mastery of the medium.

The 8k category saw the impressive q(n)=2k15 by Tristar & Red Sector Inc. win.

The 64k winner Offscreen Colonies by Conspiracy impressed everyone present.

Demoscene - Revision 2015

big room

On the demo front as seen previous year the real meat of the contest was in the size limited categories and the demo show was full of joke and funny demo without a real contest. The exception were the two last ones which ended up competing for the prize: Ziphead by Fairlight:

and We Stand Divided by Cocoon (thanks for the greet guys!)

We should also note the quite interresting GL 1.0 demo Oniria by Brainstorm that finished 3rd.

Demoscene - Revision 2015

big room


Like usual loads of alcool and tons of passionate discusions, and game companies that gave us free booze! Thanks to everyone who came!

All results and links to the prods released during the party are available HERE.

– PC 8k: The Evolution of Motion by Alcatraz

– PC 8k: 8K Reality by Fulcrum

– PC 64k: on by mercury

– PC 64k: Small matters of the heart by Approximate

– PC demo: Jupiter 666 Video Computer System by Hackers

– PC demo: Interstase by mankind

– PC demo: Secret Society by Hoodlum

2 thoughts on “(Demoscene) Revision 2015”

  1. Sir Garbagetruck

    Angel: It’s the Meteoriks (:

    also interesting, while so many folks have discussed the oldschool compo (which of course I loved – not just the winning bit, but the many different platforms – of course, c64 and Amiga ruled, but I really liked the gameboy color demo…) – this sort of left it out (: I suppose that’s due to so much coverage of 8088 MPH elsewhere? (:

    Good to see you again, btw.

  2. angel

    Hey, yes I wanted to make a coverage more close to the people here (on this site) talking a little bit about modern platform! Sorry if you wanted more on the oldschool part. I will try to remember that for my next post!

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