NVIDIA R349.12 Graphics Driver for Linux

NVIDIA R349.12 - Linux - GeForce GTX 970
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NVIDIA has released yesterday a beta driver for GeForce cards. R349.12 is a BETA driver and brings the following changes:

  • Added support for G-SYNC monitors when used together with non-G-SYNC monitors.When G-SYNC is enabled, non-G-SYNC monitors will display with tearing.
  • Fixed a bug that caused nvidia-settings to crash when assigning an attribute whose value is a display ID on a system with multiple X screens.
  • Updated the reporting of in-use video memory in the nvidia-settings control panel to use the same accounting methods used in other tools such as nvidia-smi. nvidia-settings was not taking some allocations into account, e.g. framebuffer memory for the efifb console on UEFI systems, causing discrepancies in the values reported by different tools.
  • Removed the "EnableACPIHotkeys" X configuration option. This option has been deprecated and disabled by default since driver version 346.35. On modern Linux systems, display change hotkey events are delivered to the desktop environment as key press events, and the desktop environment handles the display change by issuing requests through the X Resize and Rotate extension (RandR).
  • Added support for lossless H.264/AVC video streams to VDPAU.
  • Added support for VDPAU Feature Set F to the NVIDIA VDPAU driver. GPUs with VDPAU Feature Set F are capable of hardware-accelerated decoding of H.265/HEVC video streams.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented GPU fan speed changes from getting reflected in the text box on Thermal settings page.
  • Added nvidia-settings commandline support to query the current and targeted GPU fan speed.
  • Added a checkbox to nvidia-settings to enable a visual indicator that shows when G-SYNC is being used.This is helpful for displays that don’t indicate themselves whether they are operating in G-SYNC mode or normal mode.
  • This setting can also be enabled by running the command line

    nvidia-settings -a ShowGSYNCVisualIndicator=1

  • Added support for the X.Org X server’s "-background none" option. When enabled, the NVIDIA driver will try to copy the framebuffer console’s contents out of /dev/fb0.If that cannot be done, then the screen is cleared to black.
  • Added support for YUV 4:2:0 compression to enable HDMI 2.0 4K@60Hz modes when either the display or GPU is incapable of driving these modes in RGB 4:4:4.See NoEdidHDMI2Check in the README for details.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause multi-threaded applications to crash when multiple threads used the EGL driver at the same time.
  • Fixed a bug that caused Sync to VBlank to not work correctly with XVideo applications in certain configurations.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the X driver from correctly interpreting some X configuration options when a display device name was given with a GPU UUID qualifier.

You can download R349.12 from this page: LINUX X64 (AMD64/EM64T) DISPLAY DRIVER.

R349.12 is an OpenGL 4.5 driver and exposes 368 extensions (including GL_NV_command_list) like previous R346.47.

According to a Geeks3D reader, R349.12 should bring the OpenCL 1.2 support. I tested with GLSL Hacker but the OpenCL shared lib (libnvidia-opencl.so.349.12) only exposes 3 OpenCL functions:

0000000000152730 T clGetExportTable
000000000014c740 T clGetExtensionFunctionAddress
0000000000133e50 T clGetPlatformInfo

I don’t know where is the bug. Broken GLSL Hacker OpenCL plugin ? Broken NV OpenCL driver?

Update: broken Linux OpenCL install!

According to this link, R349.12 brings the support of OpenCL 1.2:

~$ clinfo
Number of platforms                               1
  Platform Name                                   NVIDIA CUDA
  Platform Vendor                                 NVIDIA Corporation
  Platform Version                                OpenCL 1.2 CUDA 7.0.0
  Platform Profile                                FULL_PROFILE
  Platform Extensions                             cl_khr_byte_addressable_store cl_khr_icd cl_khr_gl_sharing cl_nv_compiler_options cl_nv_device_attribute_query cl_nv_pragma_unroll cl_nv_copy_opts 
  Platform Extensions function suffix             NV

  Platform Name                                   NVIDIA CUDA
Number of devices                                 1
  Device Name                                     GeForce GTX 660
  Device Vendor                                   NVIDIA Corporation
  Device Vendor ID                                0x10de
  Device Version                                  OpenCL 1.2 CUDA
  Driver Version                                  349.12
  Device OpenCL C Version                         OpenCL C 1.2


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  1. JeGX Post Author

    Thanks NV. I just checked and clinfo says:

    ICD loaders report no usable platforms

    I think the OpenCL support of my Linux box is broken.

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