GL-Z 0.2.0 Released

GL-Z - OpenGL information utility

A new version of GL-Z is ready. GL-Z is an itty-bitty tool designed to quickly show essential OpenGL information on all major desktop OSes: Windows, Linux and Mac OS X.


GL-Z 0.2.0 Windows 64-bit


GL-Z 0.2.0 OS X (10.8, 10.9, 10.10)


GL-Z 0.2.0 Linux 64-bit


GL-Z 0.2.0 has been updated with the latest GLSL Hacker engine and brings a better support of OpenGL core profile, especially for Gallium drivers on Linux. Recent Gallium drivers (the open source drivers) expose OpenGL 3.3 and only a core profile context allows to display GL 3.3 information. This is similar to Mac OS X where only an OpenGL 3.2 core profile opens the world of modern OpenGL.

GL-Z - OpenGL information utility

GL-Z on my hackintosh setup (with a Radeon HD 6870):

GL-Z - OpenGL information utility

GL-Z is a GLSL Hacker based application and source code in Lua is available in the glz_src/ folder.