FurMark 1.15.1 Released

FurMark stress test - MSI R9 290X Gaming 4G

FurMark 1.15.1 DOWNLOAD

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A new maintenance release of FurMark, the GPU nightmare utility, is available. The display of the progress bar percent has been fixed (always 0% in the prev version) and new 4K resolutions have been added. See the changelog for all details.

FurMark, main user interface

FurMark 1.15.1
FurMark stressing a Radeon R9 290X

FurMark 1.15.1 changelog:

Version - 2014-12-09
+ added 4k resolutions: 3840x2160, 7680x2160 and 11520x2160.
* fixed the display of benchmark percent in the progress bar.
! updated Radeon HD 7850 / R7 265 GPU database entry.

FurMark 1.15.0
Line rendering with GLSL Hacker and a webcam

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  1. user

    Hi. I have image stutter every 2 sec with my gtx860m. And with 1080p + 8AA settings gpu do not get higher temperature than 60C.

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