NVIDIA PhysX SDK 3.3.2 Brings GPU Acceleration under Linux

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NVIDIA has updated the PhysX SDK in version 3.3.2. One of the big thing of this new version is the GPU PhysX support under Linux. I downloaded the SDK and here is some info about the main changes in v3.3.2:


  • The PhysXCommon/64.dll, nvcuda.dll and PhysXUpdateLoader/64.dll are loaded and checked for the NVIDIA Corporation digital signature. The signature is expected on all NVIDIA Corporation provided dlls. The application will exit if the signature check fails.
  • Added the PxDefaultBufferedProfiler extension for simplified SDK profile events extraction.
  • PxSceneDesc::sanityBounds allows a bounding box to be set for validating the position coordinates of inserted or updated rigid actors and articulations.
  • Linux: Now supports GPU PhysX.
  • Added set/getRunProfiled() for PxDefaultCpuDispatcher to control profiling at task level.
  • Android: Support for x86 based devices was added.
  • PxProfileEventHandler::durationToNanoseconds() added. Translates event duration in timestamp (cycles) into nanoseconds.
  • Added SnippetProfileZone to show how to retrieve profiling information.
  • Added SnippetCustomJoint to better illustrate custom joint implementation, and removed SnippetExtension.
  • Added SnippetStepper to demonstrate kinematic updates while substepping with tasks.


  • PxTask::runProfiled() now takes threadId as a parameter.
  • The static pruner now issues a performance warning in debug and checked configurations when a tree rebuild occurs and the tree is not empty.
  • PxSceneDesc::staticStructure now defaults to PxPruningStructure::eDYNAMIC_AABB_TREE.
  • Linux: Switched to shared libraries.
  • Profile zone event names changed to match function calls.
  • Overlapping read/write errors will now issue a PxErrorCode::eINVALID_OPERATION rather than PxErrorCode::eDEBUG_INFO.
  • Improved SnippetToleranceScale to better demonstrate the intended use case.
  • Increased 126 characters limit for warnings on unix platforms, 1k limit on all platforms.
  • PhysXCommon dll load within PhysX dll now respects dll name. Please see the manual’s PhysXCommon DLL load section.
  • Significant revision of the user’s guide. Both structure and most content have been modified.
  • Fixed search function of user’s guide.
  • Foundation math classes now have in-place arithmetic operators (+= etc).

NVIDIA PhysX is available for Windows, Linux, OS X, Sony PS3/PS4/PSVita, Nitendo Wii U, XboX (360 / One), Android and iOS. More information about PhysX can be found HERE

I’ll try to update GLSL Hacker as soon as possible to test the Linux support!


6 thoughts on “NVIDIA PhysX SDK 3.3.2 Brings GPU Acceleration under Linux”

  1. przemo_li


    On the side note:
    Firmware for Falcons is now signed too.
    (Falcon being engine on the GPU, like 3D, DMA, audio/video,etc.)

  2. John Smith

    Yes I care, I own Radeon 280X now and I miss PhysX in some games. I wanna sell 280X and buy GF970 mostly because of that

  3. msweed4life

    Physx is great technology for developing games, with Physx play most of new games is more realistic and very funny!!

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