NVIDIA R340.84 For Quadro (Desktop and Notebook) Released


NVIDIA has released a new set of Windows graphics drivers for Quadro workstation graphics cards.

New in Release 340.84:
– OpenGL hardware acceleration on Windows Remote Desktop
– CUDA 6.5
– New Nview Version 141.36

Desktop downloads

Notebook downloads

R340.84 is an OpenGL 4.4 driver and exposes 322 OpenGL extensions (GL=291 and WGL=31) for a Quadro 3000M GPU and 331 extensions for a Quadro K4000 GPU. The complete list of all OpenGL extensions is listed in the GPU Database:

NVIDIA Quadro K4000 - GPU Caps Viewer

NVIDIA Quadro 3000M - GPU Caps Viewer


2 thoughts on “NVIDIA R340.84 For Quadro (Desktop and Notebook) Released”

  1. McLeary

    Does anyone else have problems developing OpenGL applications for Quadro cards?

    I work in a CAD application that doesn’t use any fancy OpenGL resource. It works very well on a GeForce but it has some performance issues with quadro cards and some crashes.

    I tried to debug the application but it appears the nvidia driver (nvoglv64.dll) crashes my app.

    I just wanna know if anyone else had some similar issue with Quadro cards.

    I heard other reports today that off-the-shelf applications like Unity also crashes eventually with Quadro cards.

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