NVIDIA GameWorks OpenGL Samples v1.2

NVIDIA OpenGL Samples
Compute Particles Sample

NVIDIA has updated its OpenGL samples pack with new demos:

– Compute Particles Sample
– Compute Water Surface Sample
– FXAA Sample
– HDR Sample
– Multi-Draw Indirect Sample
– Optimization Sample
– Soft Shadows Sample

The GameWorks OpenGL samples are now available on GitHub: NVIDIAGameWorks/OpenGLSamples. More information is available on the homepage.

OpenGL Samples Pack DOWNLOAD

The OpenGL pack is up for grabs right here (123MB, with binaries for Windows):

NVIDIA OpenGL Samples
Soft Shadows Sample

NVIDIA OpenGL Samples
HDR Sample

NVIDIA OpenGL Samples
Compute Water Surface Sample


2 thoughts on “NVIDIA GameWorks OpenGL Samples v1.2”

  1. John Smith

    VS 2013 builds almost without problems except TerrainTessellation example.

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