Unity 5 Teleporter Demo Video

This demo is an internal production which helped the Unity dev team to develop some of the new features and workflows coming with Unity 5.

The demo uses the Standard PBR (Physically Based Rendering) shader and displays a range of shiny and rough metallic, plastic and ceramic materials, which naturally use the new native cubemap reflections (or HDR reflection probes).

Typically, a texture set consists of albedo, specular, gloss, occlusion and a normal map and the sizes range between 256px to 4k.

The cave is a large scaled environment and the 100 meter tall machine itself was used intentionally to challenge performance and to serve as a lighting benchmark. This asked for a variety of convoluted HDR reflection probes/cubemaps to be placed along its body that could adapt during the changes of light that gradually diminishes towards the bottom of the cave and when the heated core lights up. Certain elements use real-time reflections while many are kept to static reflections.

The background scene uses directional lightmaps, while the machine is composed of partly skinned- and dynamic meshes that are hooked up to light probes and use Image-Based Lighting and a variety of light sources.

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