NVIDIA GeForce GTX Titan Z: Price Drops From $3,999 to $3,799

NVIDIA GeForce GTX Titan Z

Anyhow, these prices look like a big joke… $4K for a gaming graphics card??? Ah ok I know, NVIDIA kas packed four GPUs on a single PCB…

But the drop price from $3,999 to $3,799 seems to mean that $4K is serious price as you can see on Ebay:

NVIDIA GeForce GTX Titan Z - ebay

14 thoughts on “NVIDIA GeForce GTX Titan Z: Price Drops From $3,999 to $3,799”

  1. jj99

    It’s a prosumer card… or gamers who don’t care about little things as money. Anyway, the price is still high, they should have launched it at $3500.

  2. John Smith

    I wouldn’t care about high price, there are very rich people in this world, 4000 is not a price for them.

  3. Rares

    Who the f*ck is going to buy this overpriced piece of sh*t ??? Really, who?

  4. Ziple

    It would have been much more funny if they had augmented the price ^^

  5. John Smith

    Brad Pitt for his kids (as a part of some gaming PC of course, not as is)

  6. DrBalthar

    The problem for half the price you’ll get AMD R295 which has better gaming performance than this one. So why would anybody shelf out that much for an inferior product?

  7. John Smith

    PhysX for gaming, also there is better OpenGL, CUDA for serious commercial developer making a lot of money.

  8. il Separatio

    Before they said it would cost $ 3,000 …now $ 3,799 – 3,999.
    Next period – and more & and moreeee. Still moreeeeeeeee ! Under the aspect of Progress, is hiding a lot of greeeeeddd ! The rest, are children’s stories, pardon, cheap advertising…

    + I’m sick of you retards + R.I.P. nVidia(Greedia) +

    PS. In the next period, pay attention to the nerds/losers/motherf***s in Media.
    We’ll inoculate fans/buyers …that is worth to you and penny, to make the effort you buy the GPU and everything will be OK ….

  9. John Smith

    hah I’m sorry for many posts, there was a problem with a laggy connection.

  10. John Smith

    il Separatio
    The same about bitcoins, they value until people believe in it and willing to use it

  11. DrBalthar


    PhysX is still pretty much irrelevant in gaming. Even if you really have to use CUDA the Flop/$ is very questionable on this one.

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