5 thoughts on “NVIDIA GameWorks OpenGL Samples Pack”

  1. Gregory

    Why don’t you point to the official download page or download location?

  2. Gregory

    That’s totally true. I overlooked the first-line.

    Don’t get me wrong (I previously asked on Twitter but you didn’t reply), I was just curious about the benefit of using your own bandwidth vs using theirs for that download. Thought it had something to do with ads no the page. But I see also the Worpress plugin you use keeps track of a counter.

    PS: I should have explained my curiosity straight instead of a one liner that could be interpreted as suspicious

  3. JeGX Post Author

    @Gregory: I prefer hosting the important downloads (I consider NV’s OpenGL samples as important downloads) on my own servers because it’s easier for me to get them when I need them (maybe in few months, NV will decide to move OpenGL SDK samples in another place). And I have enough bandwidth to forget that detail 😉

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