(Demoscene) VIP 2014 Invit + Wild

Two cool prods presented at the Revision 2014: the VIP 2014 invitation demo (demoparty in France – Pouetlink) and this wild, here in a non-censored version:

3 thoughts on “(Demoscene) VIP 2014 Invit + Wild”

  1. Casey

    Ye gods, you people are SAD!

    “non-censored version”, the girl jumps up with fizzed out boobs.. what are you, all 0f 7 years old?

  2. Zavie

    @Casey: the censored version was not about the boobs, but about the scenes from horrors movies, that were completely blurred out (which worked pretty well by the way).

  3. Promilus

    @Zavie – yes but uncensored has all those horrible things normally visible but boobs still blurred out 😉 That is inconsistent with “non censored” 🙂

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