AMD FirePro W9100 with 16GB of Graphics Memory

AMD FirePro W9100 for 4K workstations

AMD has announced a graphics card for 4K workstations: the FirePro W9100. This supercomputing piece of hardware comes with non less than 16GB of GDDR5 video memory and six mini DisplayPort 1.2 allowing the card to drive up to six 4K monitors.

AMD FirePro W9100 16GB GDDR5

The FirePro W9100 is based on the Hawaii GPU with 2816 stream processors (or 44 OpenCL compute units) and can crunch floating point numbers at the speed of 5.24 TFLOPS (and 2.62 TFLOPS for double precision: FP64 = 1/2 FP32). If you need some references, visit this page: GPU FP32/FP64 GFLOPS Table.

The 16GB of GDDR5 memory can be used via a 512-bit memory interface. The TDP is 275W.

In the API side, the FirePro W9100 supports OpenGL 4.3 / 4.4 and OpenCL 2.0.

Sapphire will distribute the FirePro W9100 and we should see this card on some HP workstations like the Z820 / Z620.

The launch price is unknown but you will have to spend some thousand of dollars ($4000?) to get one sample.

More information on the official homepage.

AMD FirePro W9100 16GB GDDR5

Here is a GPU Caps Viewer screenshot of the FirePro W9100 (I feel that GPU Caps needs a little update!):

AMD FirePro W9100, GPU Caps Viewer

10 thoughts on “AMD FirePro W9100 with 16GB of Graphics Memory”

  1. beuleuppeup

    I’ve had the card in my desktop before passing it on to YulFi, it was making my system reboot after a few minutes probably because of the card overheating. So I can’t say much on the perfs..

    But YulFi seems to be more lucky than I’ve been.

  2. YulFi

    J’ai des soucis avec GpuTest 0.7.0. Je peux lancer la GUI mais tous les tests de la liste plantent au lancement(en ligne de commande aussi). Aucun soucis avec la 0.6.0, FurMark, TessMark et les démos de GpuCaps. La démo GeeXLab FP64 Julia Explorer fonctionne aussi.

  3. JeGX Post Author

    @YulFi: c’est peut etre le plugin de monitoring de GpuTest. Renomme le reperoire plugins/ en toto/ par exemple et lance de nouveau GpuTest.

  4. andre

    isn’t this the same video card the mac pro 2013 have? how much does one of these cost? (probably a lot I know)

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