NVIDIA Maxwell GM107 Architecture Details


According to the guys at videocardz, NVIDIA Maxwell GM107 features 128 CUDA cores per SMX (streaming multiprocessor) against 192 for a Kepler-based GPU. The GeForce GTX 750 Ti has 5 SMX (640 cores) while the GTX 750 packs 512 cores in 4 SMX. The L2 cache has also received some changes: in Kepler the L2 cache has 256KB while on Maxwell, the cache has 2MB!

In the power consumption side, the GM107 has a TDP of 60W. And to finish, the GM107 will offer at least the same level (if not better) of performance than the GF100, the GPU behind the old good GTX 480.


6 thoughts on “NVIDIA Maxwell GM107 Architecture Details”

  1. Stefan

    Check out the forum for Maxwell mobile tidbits.

    Nobody is talking about high-end Maxwell GPUs, so lets start with a buzzword 😉

    “GRID Cumulus”

  2. Stefan

    I got only the name from a certain leak (that i’d like to keep open).

    However, CUDA 6 RC seems to be available, it should contain Maxwell related updates.

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