GPU-Z 0.7.5 Released

GPU-Z 0.7.5, AMD A10-6800K, Radeon HD 8670D

A new version of GPU-Z is available with support of new GPUs and bugfixes.

GPU-Z 0.7.5 complete changelog:

- Fixed crash/hang on NVIDIA Optimus
- Fixed crash during CUDA detection
- Added voltage monitoring support for new 
  Bonaire/Pitcairn SKUs
- Fixed BIOS reading on AMD Mars and Oland
- Added support for AMD Radeon R7 260, HD 7600A, 
  HD 8850M, HD 8400, HD 8240, HD 7620G
- Added support for NVIDIA GeForce 705A, GTX 645, 
  GTX 650 OEM, Grid K260Q, Quadro K5100M, K6000
- Added support for Intel GMA (Bay Trail), HD 4200
- Windows 8.1 will now be detected properly
- Sensor data in shared memory will now update once 
  per second, as intended  

You can download GPU-Z 0.7.5 from this page.


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