MadShaders 0.2.0 Released for Windows, Linux and OS X with 16 New Demos

MadShaders 0.2.0

1 – Overview

A new version of MadShaders is available with new mad pixels shaders (GLSL). MadShaders packs under a single interface the best pixel shaders from popular websites like Shadertoy or GLSL Sandbox. MadShaders is available for Windows 64-bit, Linux 64-bit and Mac OS X 10.7/10.8/10.9 (more information HERE).

MadShaders 0.2.0 is based on the latest DEV version of GLSL Hacker (v0.6.3.4) and adds 16 new demos (for a total of 46 demos):

– Distance Estimated DoF
– Fractraps III
– Sierpkinki 3D
– Screen space bump mapping
– Britney’s Spaceship
– Carnival Ride
– Fractal Cartoon
– Spiral tiling
– Storm
– Mars Flight
– Rounded Voxels
– Dodecahedron
– Polar
– Prairie
– MagicaVoxel
– Space Racing Lite
– Buoy

All source codes are available in the demos/ folder (Lua + GLSL).

MadShaders 0.2.0
Space Racing Lite demo

MadShaders 0.2.0
Storm demo

MadShaders 0.2.0
Buoy demo

MadShaders 0.2.0
Mars Flight demo

2 – Downloads

MadShaders for Windows 64-bit:
MadShaders for OS X 10.7, 10.8 and 10.9
MadShaders for Linux (Ubuntu-based, openSUSE):

MadShaders 0.2.0
Magica Voxel demo

MadShaders 0.2.0
Britney Spaceship demo

Every demo comes with the credits and/or a backlink (the button Demo webpage) to the original demo. If you notice some mistakes, just let me know and I will fix them! You can use the comments section of this post or this forum for bug-reports and feedbacks.

6 thoughts on “MadShaders 0.2.0 Released for Windows, Linux and OS X with 16 New Demos”

  1. Stebs

    There are some problems with Arch Linux (Manjaro) using currently python 3.3.3-1:
    In you have to replace tabs with spaces. In line 11, Tkinter has to be changed to tkinter, then it works…

  2. JeGX Post Author

    @Stebs: thanks, I will test Tkinter/tkinter under Mint. Under Windows, tkinter is not allowed and gives: “ImportError: No module named tkinter”.

  3. Stebs

    Found out it’s dependend on Phython Version:
    Python-2.x wants Tkinter
    Python-3.x wants tkinter

  4. Kastriot

    Very nice but no support for SLI, I tried both SLI modes even changing name of .exe but still nothing, using latest drivers and 2xGTX 480

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