Maxon CINEBENCH R15 Released (Windows, Mac OS X)

Cinebench R15, CPU test
CPU test

Maxon CINEBENCH is a 64-bit cross platform (Windows Vista/7/8 and Mac OS X 10.6+) benchmark for the GPU and the CPU based on CINEMA 4D.

The GPU (OpenGL) benchmark renders a scene with many effects and made up of nearly 1 million polygons. The CPU benchmark renders a photorealistic 3D scene (raytracing) and exploits all CPU cores.

Cinebench R15, GPU / OpenGL test
GPU / OpenGL test

Here is my scores with a GeForce GTX 660 + i5 2320@3GHz under Win7 64-bit:

Cinebench R15 OpenGL score, GTX 660

You can download CINEBENCH R15 from this page: MAXON CINEBENCH.


10 thoughts on “Maxon CINEBENCH R15 Released (Windows, Mac OS X)”

  1. nuninho1980

    I got running Win 7 x64 SP1 with i5-2500K@4.5GHz and GTX 480@stock-reference (326.80beta-HQ):
    CPU: 1-core 157 cb
    x-core 601 cb
    OpenGL: 99.00 fps (quality 99.62%)

    @JeGX: In OpenGL, my GTX 480 is faster than your GTX 660. 😀 lol

  2. nuninho1980

    OpenGL 4.3 (326.80beta): 99.00 fps (GTX 480@stock-reference)
    OpenGL 4.4 (331.40beta): 109.97 fps (same) wow! and 111.23 fps (GPU@750MHz core/1900MHz mem). wtf?! 😀

    See my post in 2013/09/30 at 19:59

  3. C4Dspecialist

    Attention!! This benchmark has only informative value for Cinema 4D users. This is especially for testing GPUs. You will recognize that even the K5000 is slower that a small GTX. This is because the OpenGL part is a fake!! C4D uses 1 CPU-Core also for driving the GUI!
    So if you have a NVIDIA Quadro and you will benchmark your card, ignore this benchmark! Use f.e. Unigine with OpenGL settings.

  4. nuninho1980

    @C4Dspecialist: Do your Quadro get abnormal performance??

    My performace running GTX 480 is correct and no fake!! lol

  5. gl33k

    isn’t this company double the performance of one of these scene between core2 and sady bridge cpu ?

  6. gl33k

    long time ago , i remember i played with maya 3D . draw a kind of road care, see that as a 3D draw tutorial , wich i never finished.but like to remember about !

  7. Squall Leonhart

    amusing, my 680 gets a lower score than the 275 and 550ti (both more or less equal in score) it replaced.

    This occurs on both 11.5 and 15, and no amount of messing with driver settings seems to make up the difference.

    not to mention this app has unusual loading of the gpu, differing every start and not being impacted by threaded rendering, vsync, p-state etc.

    This benchmark is purely an AMD marketting tool.

  8. msweed4life

    Q9550 3.32GHZ + GTX560 1GB + 8GB DDR3
    results: OpenGl 68,14
    CPU 367cb


    obs: Nvidia 331.40 , GPU stock clocks.

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